LOCATION // Plaça de Sant Feliu. Girona, Spain.

CLIENT // City of Girona +  Temps de Flors Festival

YEAR // 2016

STATUS // Completed

PROGRAM  // Public Art

FUNCTION //  Ephemeral Intervention

“Up in the Air”

A focus on environmental awareness inspires the project team to collaborate with a local school to design and engineer a remote sensing unit to generate air quality readings that interact with a video mapping performance onto the structure. We teamed up with VPM to develop a graphic algorithm reflecting the vivid life of the air flowers suspended within a tensegrity structure inspired by the air flower itself.

Temps de Flors is an annual floral festival in Girona, Spain celebrating art, design, the city and the new spring season. Throughout the historical Barri Vell neighbourhood, installations fill the streets, alleyways, plazas, monuments and galleries for a seven day celebration.

Each year we are honoured to be invited to the Temps de Flors festival. It is a unique city event which transforms private and public courtyards, streets  and squares into ephemeral installations. Together with the city, we select challenging urban sites to explore dynamic interpretations between experimental timber systems and medieval forms. We use the flower as the determinable scale unit to explore modular constructions that adapt on-site.

Marcelo Aguirre, James Brazil, Linda Emdal, Miguel Pardo, Christopher Parsons, Frederik De Smedt, Nicholas Waissbluth






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