LOCATION // Joseph Caleb Auditorium Liberty City. Miami, USA.

CLIENT // Art in Public Places Miami Dade County

YEAR // 2022

STATUS // Design Development

PROGRAM  // Public Art

FUNCTION // Sculptural Entrance Canopy

Restart of a Generational Awareness; a family heirloom for Liberty City, where local citizens share ownership through participation in the creation of its form and behaviour. With future generations learning through playing and interacting with the immersive environment, curating its identity as their own as the entrance and canopy of the performing arts theatre auditorium evolve into a public stage for not only the complex but for the Liberty City neighbourhood at large. Creating place through collaborative actions, reinstating the auditorium as a cultural meeting place where the canopy will inspire local citizens to identify with it as a canvas for community expression.

Expected completion 2022

James Brazil | Kevin Di Nardo | Youssef Hachem | Clare Whelan | Ed Williams | Ershad Ziaei






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