MADE is a flexible space designed for artists, designers, inventors, entrepreneurs, creatives, engineers, makers, fabbers and hackers to build their own projects. MADE is organised to facilitate open source community development, peer to peer learning, co-production and entrepreneurship activities. Created to incubate experimental learning and innovation for students, prototype concepts and ideas for professionals and facilitate individual and collaborative DIY projects for hobbyists.

MADE orientates its programme of activities around workshops curated and ran by the community and ongoing fabrication courses to complement activities within local art and design schools. In tandem with this, MADE offers a comprehensive and compulsory training programme to ensure proper use of machines and the highest level of safety for its users.

Apart from being a centre for localised production, MADE offers bespoke services from an in-house team of professionals including consultation, administration, tooling and material fees/costs. In conjunction with this, a marketplace for products designed, developed and marketed by the MADE community will be promoted. Additionally MADE plans to experiment with a complementary currency system allowing the space to give a well defined value to services, machine time and contributions within the community and to trade them in a more formalized and fair way. 

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